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Our Work

Scarlett's is committed to the local community, and as such supports a number of events, programmes and initiatives throughout the year, whenever they can. 

We're always keen for new ideas and new recruits, and will train you on the job, so, please do drop in and talk to us if you're interested.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the brilliant people we've been working with, and keep an eye out for news on our social media as always.

Anglesey skyline Photo: Patrick Metzdorf

April 2024

Spring springing

The tulips are out! The village flower boxes continue to be tended to by Scarlett's and the rewards continue...


Tulips in Rhosneigr • Photo: Venetia van Hoorn Alke,ma


Tulips outside Scarlett's Fish & Chips in Rhosneigr • Photo: Venetia van Hoorn Alke,ma

January 2024

Pandemic Paddlers, New Year's Day Swim Fundraiser

The Pandemic Paddlers was a group of originally four or five swimmers who bonded together over wanting to swim in the Irish Sea off Anglesey at mad times of the year (every day). Now numbering over 100 members, and with several off-shoot groups such as the highly influential Rhosneigr Knitting Circle, their New Year's Day Swim on Rhosneigr beach seemed like a great opportunity to raise some money for charity.

With that in mind, Scarlett's set about promoting the event and our team was out in force collecting on the day, as well as getting in the water. In total the 2024 swim raised £1127 for the North Wales Dementia Centre run by North Wales Carers Trust. A huge success.

"I was so inspired by all the amazing fundraising that has been done by the Rhosneigr Knitting Group, a wonderful group of women who don't do as much knitting as they do socialising, effecting change for the community and raising money for good causes! I tried to think of a way to raise money and for everybody to come together and have a good time. The Rhosneigr New Year’s Day Swim seems to tick all the boxes." 

- Cora, Owner of Scarlett's

January 1st 2025 will be the third year we have supported the New Year’s Day swim. We will be raising money this year for Saint David’s Hospice. 

Pandemic Paddlers post-swim at sunset on Rhosneigr beach, Anglesey, North Wales. Irish Sea swimming, Photography by Phil Hen.

The Pandemic Paddlers at sunset • Photo: Phil Hen

Swimmers brave the elements on New Year's Day at the Pandemic Paddlers daily swim from Rhosneigr beach on Anglesey.

Rhosneigr Flower Boxes


Rhosneigr famously boasts not one but two of the best beaches in the area, but its little high street is also rich in charm with its pastel-coloured houses shops and cafés, and of course, the original Scarlett's. 

We are so pleased and proud of our little corner of the world that we wanted to make sure it looked its best year round, so have taken it upon ourselves, along with other local residents, to plant and tend to the flower boxes that sit opposite us, and next to the war memorial. 

It's a little labour of love that gives us joy and hopefully lifts the spirits of anyone wandering past. 

Flower boxes in Rhosneigr, tended to by Scarlett's Fish & Chips
Flower boxes in Rhosneigr, tended to by Scarlett's Fish & Chips
Photo: John Bowden - runners silhoutted against the Anglesey sky during the 2023 Ring of Fire, sponsored by Scarlett's Fish & Chips

Runners in the Ring of Fire Annual Ultra-Marathon on Anglesey • Photo: John Bowden

Staff at Scarlett's Fish & Chips in Rhosneigr serve coffee and breakfast to runners of the ultra-marathon on Anglesey, the Ring of Fire
Photo: John Bowden - runners in the Anglesey Ring of Fire ultra-maration, sponsored by Scarlett's Fish & Chips

Photo: John Bowden

September 2023

Breakfast supporting the Ring of Fire Ultra-Marathon

Every September, Anglesey plays host to the gruelling Ring of Fire Ultra Marathon. A 3-day, 135 mile rocky coastal run around the island, which most people do to support a variety of extremely worth causes, such as the Stroke Association, St. David's Hospice, and Bowel Cancer UK among others.


The third day comes through Rhosneigr, and the runners are truly tired by the time they get here! To support them, we made breakfast baps and hot drinks for 60 people at 6 am. We were also able to feed all the support team that do a truly amazing job.

We will happily be supporting this every year going forward, if you're interested in signing up, click here to register.


"What made me so happy about doing this event was all the young staff came in at 5 am and helped with all the preparation just because they cared. They were all truly amazing."

- Cora, Scarlett's owner.

July 2023

Cara Williams: Island Games Gymnast

Cara Williams is a hugely talented local gymnast who works for Scarlett's in her free time. To help her achieve her dream, Scarlett's made a donation to support Cara’s participation in the Inter-Island Games gymnastics event of summer 2023, which saw her travel to Åland in Sweden with her team-mates and compete against athletes from all over the world. Huge congratulations to Cara, and we wish you all the very best with your future gymnastics. We're extremely proud of you.

Cara Williams, Anglesey gymnast, sponsored by Scarlett's of Anglesey
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